What we do.

We plan, design and develop mobility products & services. By investigating and building solutions we integrate urban data, in-car technology, and software development.

The result? Citizens, who at one time are drivers, commuters and pedestrians, moving smoothly in a greener, quieter and friendlier city.

We aim high for the future: we want to be a center of excellence for innovation on the urban mobility space. And we want to be SEAT’s center of excellence for product development, allowing the company to play a leading role in the future of Smart Mobility.

Metropolis:Lab Offices

Our projects.

  • Ridesharing

    We aim to make commuters’ lives easier. This app will provide some smart matching algorithm to find your most convenient commuting partner.

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  • Bus on demand

    Helping cities move more efficiently: during low demand the Bus on Demand can decrease unnecessary rides. It only moves if you book it via the app.

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  • Aboutit

    An app to showcase Barcelona's open data. Use it to guide you through all the interesting points of the city.​

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