our story

We are like a big family with more than 300 people from around the world and with many different backgrounds. We like to work in agile methodologies and sharing always our point of view. Being open is our way to learn and advance. Our headquarters are located in a prime sport, just in the heart of the vibrant 22@ tech district. Plus, here’s the kicker: we’re all about flexibility. Full remote work is on the menu. Your workspace, your rules.

Supporting SEAT, CUPRA and the wider Volkswagen, Group in the achievement of its Business Goals by:

Being Faster (Reduce Time To Market)
Being Better (Improve the Quality of the Solutions)
Being Smarter (Keep the Strategic Knowledge Internally)
Being Cheaper (Create Efficiencies)

Some of our perks

Competitive salary

Daily snacks

Learning & Developement Culture

Best gear for your needs

Flexible working hours

Super close to the Beach


At SEAT:CODE, our values aren't just words on paper - they're the very foundation that shapes our company's identity and drives every innovation we create.

  • We fight for the truth, focusing on transparency.
  • We put love on what we do & we are proud of our work
  • We build a safe environment where people can make mistakes with no fear and in consequence they can experiment and improve/change things.
  • We put the team in first position, there is no I or individuals …. we believe in the team as the core pillar of the company.

  • We believe in people, trust is the basis of our leadership, we encourage people to believe on themselves and  on their team and so we give empowerment and autonomy.
  • We believe on giving good feedback as a means of improving, we encourage feedback.
  • Leaders are there for backing up the teams in case of mistakes, merits and prizes go to the teams.
  • We are excited to help build inclusive & diverse teams where everyone feels welcomed and respected.
  • Lead by example, we believe in facts not words.