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Integrity and Compliance.

For SEAT:CODE, sustainable success of the Company depends on the commitment with complying with the law and the internal regulations of SEAT:CODE and the Volkswagen Group, together with integrity and transparency in company culture and business relationships.

This is how we ensure the Good reputation of our company, the trust of our customers and business partners and the well-being of our employees.


Business and values go hand in hand, that is why integrity is a fundamental pillar of our corporate strategy.


We advocate for a respectful and honest behavior that helps to comply with the norms, principles and values set forth in its Code of Conduct.

Whistleblower Channel

We have tools and processes to prevent and combat irregularities and conduct contrary to the principles, values, legislation and internal regulations. For this reason, we make the following contact points available to our employees, business partners, suppliers and third parties to report Reasonable Suspicions of Regulatory Violations committed by SEAT employees.

Autonomous and independent control body

In 2016, SEAT’s Board of Directors reinforced the risk management and regulatory compliance model by creating an autonomous and independent control body called the Audit, Compliance and Good Governance Committee (CACBG). Delegated Commission of the Board of Directors of SEAT SA, in charge of the functions of compliance with the Law on Auditing of Accounts, the Law on Capital Companies, the national and international standards that regulate the ethics and compliance models, also taking into account the criteria described in Spanish criminal law (art. 31 bis Penal Code), the Good Governance Code, the CACBG’s own Regulations and the internal regulations on matters related to the Compliance and Integrity and Risk Management system.

CACBG is currently is currently made up of the following members of the SEAT Board of Directors: Luis Comas Martínez de Tejada, currently appointed as president; Dr. Stefan Piëch, and Mr. Mark Philipp Porsche.


For SEAT: CODE, business and values go hand in hand, which is why integrity is a fundamental pillar of our strategy. Sustained success cannot be achieved just by adhering to rules and processes, but it is our inner attitude that causes us to act correctly, even in the absence of written rules. We are committed to integrity and regulatory compliance as key elements to strengthen the trust of our employees, customers, business partners and the general public. Our conduct, attitude and commitment contribute to the success of SEAT:CODE by forging the reputation of our brand, which is our greatest asset. Integrity is a key element for the entire Volkswagen Group. Find more information here.


Code of Conduct for Employees

OUR CODE embodies the principles and values that identify us as a brand and offers our employees guidance in everyday situations and in the decision-making process.

We are one when we all live the values and principles of OUR CODE and this implies being: Committed individuals, Reliable colleagues, Responsible partners and Good corporate citizens.

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Code of Conduct for Business Partners

SEAT:CODE makes a specific Code of Conduct available to its business partners. This Code specifies the expectations of the Volkswagen Group regarding the attitude and behavior of its suppliers and business partners in business activities. The requirements contained in the Code of Conduct for business Partners form the basis for a successful business relationship between the Volkswagen Group and its partners.

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We advocate for the development of a competitive, transparent, sustainable and successful business activity, in the total absence of corruption. Therefore, we reject and combat any corrupt conduct that is detrimental to the company and its reputation. To help employees maintain transparent relationships and guide in relations with the Public Sector, we have the following Guides:

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Business & Human Rights

Respect for human rights is a priority for SEAT: CODE. We are convinced that the sustainability of the business depends on our ethical and integrity performance. For this reason, we are fully committed to our human rights responsibility in the context of our business operations. We respect, protect and promote the current provisions on the protection of human and childhood rights as fundamental and universal premises. We reject any use of child exploitation, forced or compulsory labor, as well as any form of modern slavery and human trafficking. Our commitment to human rights is manifested through the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for business Partners.